Version 2.0 (Available March 26th 2015)

This major new update will be available on March 26 for both iOS and Android. If you have not reviewed Bio Inc. yet, this would be a perfect timing. If you already reviewed Bio Inc., you can keep your users up to date with this new content!
On iOS, both the Platinum version and F2P will be available to download.


6 new Stages

We added 6 stages under a new “Specialized M.D” stage section. These stages will provide a new and exciting experience with fun and engaging scenarios. We also separated all other stages in 3 sections of 6 stages each to enhance the feeling of progression.


25 New Boosters!

Use the new booster interface to add boosters and change the way the game behaves. You can choose up to 5 boosters per game from the following categories: Economics, Diseases, Risk Factors, Recovery, and Environmental. Each booster will change the course of the game and let you re-experience Bio Inc., especially using the new “Lethal” difficulty setting.


Unprotected Sex Roulette!

John Smith may now have unprotected sex! This could lead to mild or severe STDs.


New “Lethal” difficulty.

Think you’re tough? We added a new difficulty setting for hard-core players. This new mode will test your skills and is for experienced Bio Inc. players only.

Bio Inc. In Numbers

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